march 8th
Alicia; once i waved at perrie and she blew me a kiss

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Name:  alicia

Age: 13
Gender: female


Food: pizza or my mom’s homemade macaroni and sauce
Drink: pepsi or lemon wit water

Favorite Author: john green and veronica roth??

Song: ugh now it’s human by christina perri and idk some others i can’t think of

Movie: Divergent

TV Show:  X Factor & MMFD
Band: One Direction and Little Mix
Solo Artist: Ariana Grande/Demi Lovato
Place: my uncles house in florida or
School Subject: math
Sport: none ew
Male Actor: theo james
Female Actor: shailene woodley


Best Friend: sam/ihairy/angela
Significant Other:  none
Siblings: i had a brother but he died before I was birn soo…
Dream Job:  I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl
Political Ideology: none
Religion: catholic
Tattoos: none
Piercings: two holes in each ear
Languages: english and spanish and a few words in italian


Reason Behind URL: perrie and popsicle lmao
Reason Behind Icon:
pink perrie and her face omfg fuck me
# of Posts: only 2,737
Why You Joined: idk i wanted to see what it was like
First URL: cutelmthings lmao
# of Blogs:
 i only use this one
Hoarded URLs:

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Harry Styles waits in line to get soda with a friend in a L.A - 4/16/14

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i feel like making gifsets of little mix

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jadeameliabadwi: At @clubdelmar with me besties!! (There not invisible friends they’re just not in this photo 🙈)

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"I first decided I wanted to be a singer when I was about six. I was in the launderette with my mum and I stood up on one of the laundry machines and started singing ‘The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow’ from Annie. All these old ladies who were in there washing their clothes were giving me 20p coins and I thought, ‘Ooh, I’d like to do this for a living!’."

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84th Annual Academy Awards, 2012

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So I was lucky enough to hit 250 followers a while ago now,so in honour of that (and my blogs 4 month anniversary) I decided to do a follow forever!
my baes(◕‿◕✿)
kara aka thirlwife;
we haven’t known each other long but ur such a bae,thanks for tagging my selfies with untrue things that still warm my heart and for all your help with this gorgeous,ilysm mwah
tilda aka thirlbabe;
where do I start omg
you’ve been here since the beginning for me,when I made floraledwards my main blog and before that too
you’ve helped me through everything,gave me loads of advice about how to build my blog and just in general been an amazing friend.
I love you loads,I’d never be at the point that I am now without you💘

dani aka perriectrl;
dan dan;)
aw your one of my new buddies but we always have such a laugh together yasss and just ily bae

marlie aka thirliewhirl;
you were my first friend on tumblr aw and even before that I read all your fics lol anyway babe i love you loads,thanks for all the advice and support you’ve given me,you rock
grace aka perrlie;
we’ve never even talked but your blogs like the fabest thing ever and you’re really cute and everything so yeah come chat to me,I wanna be your friend lol(✿◠‿◠)

tania aka falloutjesy;
we’ve also hardly ever talked but YOUR THIRST FOR JESY IS THE BEST THING EVER also your one shots are the bomb okay I might be obsessed I think ive read every single one haha anyway babe if I ever meet jesy I am giving her your url bc you’re a bae yass
now onto everybody else I follow! (favourites are in bold)
perrie urls
babyperrie✿ belleperries✿ blueberryperrie✿ edvrdsfairyperrie✿ fckingperrie✿ gay4perrie✿ goldperrie✿ heiperrie✿ hellaperrie✿ isperrie✿ kittenperrielustsperrie✿ okayperrie✿ omgpezza✿ perrae✿ perriectrl✿ perrey✿ perrieemix✿ perrieishungry✿ perriesangels✿ perriescum✿ perriesents✿ perriesicle✿ perrieslittleslut✿ perrieste✿ perrieswinkle✿ perriethinkpink✿ perriezs✿ perrlie✿ pezzaa✿ pezzabomb✿ shinebrightlikeperrie✿ strawperrieberry✿ totallyperrie✿ wantsperrie✿ xperriedwardsx
✿jade urls
✿akathirlwall✿ bigtimejade✿ bowtie-jade✿ jadeamellia✿ jadecurlwall✿ jadelicouss✿ jadescannonball✿ jadesie✿ jadeslittlecrew✿ jadethirlaww✿ jadethlrwall✿ punkjade✿ thirlbabethirlboob✿ thirldollz✿ thirlflowers✿ thirlover✿ thirls✿ thirlsgirl✿ thirlwife✿ thirlzwall✿ thirvvy✿ thirliewhirl✿ waltjadey✿ voguewall✿ moanjade✿ ohjadeamelia✿
jesy urls
✿bangjesy✿ foreverjesy✿ frecklejesy✿ jessicanelson✿ jesus-jesy✿ jesybabe✿ jesycouture✿ jesycurves✿ jesyplz✿ jesyunf✿ nelsonators✿ falloutjesy
✿leigh-anne urls
boobleigh✿ cleightoris✿ cosmicleigh✿ crayforleigh✿ leighannepinnock✿ leighmited✿ leighsmile✿ omfgpinnock✿ partypinnock✿ pinncock✿ waffleigh✿
group/ship urls
✿acapellamix✿ ask-jerrie✿ awlerrie✿ femzerrie✿ fierymix✿ firewkors✿ jdaesy✿ jeleiqh✿ jerrieinlove✿ lerriesistable✿ littlecmix✿ littlemix-news✿ rhymixers✿ sleepyjadesy✿ theassgrab✿ wowjerrie✿ wowlerrie✿
other fandom urls
calumvevos✿ cuddlesashton✿ frickhrrylooistomlinsonstarseas✿ suspenderlouis✿ snugglemelouis✿ suckstho✿ tranquilzayn
becca x

aww thank you cutie!!

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ocean--blue--eyes asked : ✔️💞😊

awww thank you cutie :)

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ofjerrie asked : *the check mark* sorry i'm on my phone rn

aww thank you cutie it means a lottt

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little mix meme | favorite member » perrie edwards 

"Don’t worry, be hippie." I used to write it on my wall at home. I’m quite happy and I like ‘Peace’ and that kind of thing. Wherever I say it, just makes me feel better

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i met Little Mix on March 8th and jesy told me she loved me