march 8th
Alicia; once i waved at perrie and she blew me a kiss





this is gold for me, this is one of the reasons i started being a fan

i really listened to this so many times, and my mouth still drop everytime

this is actually how i became a fan! some anon sent me this link last year and i was instantly obsessed there was no going back

This wasn’t talked about enough

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The ‘Salute’ photoshoot

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Reblog if you are attending the salute tour in Wallingford, CT on October 4

If this id not your tour date, you can find yours here

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im so stupid my one goal when i met lm was to get a high five from all the girls but when i got up there i froze and started crying and my mom was having a convo about how much i loved them to jade and all the girls so I was just looking around at them and then my mom said something that made them look at me and then I smiled slightly then walked away cause i was getting nervous and i remember staring at perrie for a few seconds and she was like looking at my mom in concentration and it was like my whole world stopped for a second. and then jade was like ‘aww’ at something my mom said. then i walked away and saw leigh and jesy at the end and jesy was like ‘it was sooo nice to meet you!’ and i froze and looked from her to leigh and said ‘i love you so much’ then they both awwed and then i met norma and hugged her and I met sAM AND HER AND NORMA WERE SWEETHEARTS. And i took a video but forgot about it as i met them so it’s just the black table.

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its so weird like seeing a celebrity in real life cause they look like weird like when i first saw little mix i saw leigh look up at a fan and she smiled and her afro looked so soft and i like screamed cause it was my first time seeing ANY of them in real life and it made me rethink the whole day and smile

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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.










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perriesicle asked : meeeeeeee


omg wow omg wow i’m so omg wow 
i love love love love your icon so bad! , your sidebar is the reason why i cry at night , your updates tab is cute and tiny and it’s so cute !
i love your edits they’re amazing ! your gifs are so beautiful like f*ck you you’re so good i hate the fact that i love everything you do !
your theme is pretty and your navi page is sooooooooo awesome ! 
i love you :(

omg this so so adorable i loveeee you too!!

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i dont really have a reason to make this follow forever idek i just wanted to do one and i am really awkward and have nothing to say but yeah i love all the blogs i follow but these are my favourites and sorry for everyone i forgot

 akathirlwall fckingjesy  fierymix ✿ floraledwards gorgejesy ✿ gotperrie  huggingjesy ✿ jadeamellia jadesie jesybitches jesycurves ✿ jesyenelson  jesyenlson jesynelsonurl jesyurl  leighmited  leighsmile leighsrocker  leiqhade  lerriepedwards littelmix  mixersbian  moanjade nelsonation ✿ ohjadeamelia  perrieedvards perriehipster  perriemove perriesicle perriezs ✿ pinnkok  pimpinpippins  rosyperrie thirlbabe  thirlboob thirliewhirl thirlvalls  waffleigh  wowjesy 


haha this is too cute thank you tilda i lov youuu

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screams, i love alicia. she’s one of my favourites out of a few little mix blogs. she has a lot of pink perrie going on and i can’t even complain about it. her navigation page is the best thing ever. i feel the need to do better when i look at her blog, damn it. her edits are always amazing. i don’t know how she does it. she makes me want to try harder with photoshop. i still cannot get over the fact that she’s only thirteen years old and better than me. YOU MADE ME THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN.

OH MY GOD this is too cute thank youuuu Rachel

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i met Little Mix on March 8th and jesy told me she loved me